Alastri Hub


Personal information

The Alastri Hub manages floating licenses for the Alastri software applications.

Logging in

If you login to the Alastri Hub, it passes the following information to the Licensing Website:

  • Email address;

  • Password.

Using the Alastri software

If you use any of the Alastri software, the Hub will send the following information to the Licensing Website to generate floating licenses:

  • Your Alastri account credentials, including your email address, associated organisations, and privileges on the Licensing Website;

  • Windows account;

  • Machine name;

  • Hardware identifier (this doesn’t contain any identifiable information, just a hash based on your computer configuration);

  • The chosen organisation, license and product;

  • The date and time at which you start and finish using the software.

It needs this information because a floating license allows many uses by the same user on the same machine and Windows account.

The Licensing Website will also track the your IP address and/or the IP address of any proxies you are connecting through. It needs this information so that we can provide that information to the licensee of our software if we receive a request about who is using their license.

Raising a support ticket

If you raise a support ticket:

  • your computer will be scanned for information that may help our engineers assist you, specifically:

    • .NET version;

    • Machine name;

    • Network connection status (this only includes the network name and connected yes/no);

    • Display resolution of all displays;

    • Power and battery status;

    • Internal drive letters, format and free/total space;

    • CPU name and number of cores;

    • GPU name, RAM, driver date;

    • Alastri software versions installed;

  • any attachments will be uploaded to the Licensing Website;

  • the text of the ticket will be sent by email to GrooveHq (the third-party ticketing system we use) with links to the computer information and any images in the ticket;

  • the attachments and images are encrypted at rest;

  • the links are protected by a security token so that they can only be viewed by authorised users.

Storage location

All data uploaded to the Licensing Website is stored in an Azure Australian data centre and may be copied to Alastri premises in Australia or encrypted staff laptops for development and support purposes.

Support ticket information is stored by GrooveHq in a United States data centre.