Email, files and documents


Alastri email addresses

Alastri email addresses containing the word ‘support’ or ‘licensing’ or ‘licensing’ are automatically forwarded to GrooveHq (the third-party ticketing system we use).

Email addresses addressed to a role, are distributed to selected staff members by email, so that staff who can handle that sort of request receive a copy.

Email addresses that refer to a person are all of the format [initial][surname] If you send an email to one of those addresses, it will go to that individual and may be forwarded.

Personal information

Any information you send to us by any method, including by email or other electronic means, or on physical or electronic media, may be stored by Alastri.

We may scan physical media, such as paper documents, into an electronic format and store it on our computer systems.

We may print out, copy or forward emails, files or documents for internal use.

We may delete or destroy the information without notice.

You may ask us to delete the personal information, and we will respond to your request within 30 days.

Storage location

Email is stored in an Office 365 in an Australian data centre.

Files and documents may be stored in Office 365 in an Australian data centre or stored at Alastri premises in Australia.

Support ticket information is stored by GrooveHq in a United States data centre.

Where there is a business need, paper or electronic copies may be taken away from the Alastri premises or downloaded onto external devices by Alastri staff members.