HI. Introduction

Haul Infinity software is used to calculate mine site haulage for operational improvement, scheduling, feasibility studies and cost estimation. Its reporting functions include travel times, cycle times, elevation profiles, velocity profiles, engine load and fuel load.

Haul Infinity can be interfaced with scheduling systems to understand haulage requirements over the life of project, or used at the daily level to optimise truck assignments. Haul Infinity spans all levels of the planning chain, providing a platform for discussion and informed decision-making among all stakeholders.

What can Haul Infinity's network analysis tools do for you?

  • Compare truck fleet performance and choose the optimum fleet for your haulage needs.

  • Calculate haulage cycle times and travel times for forecasting equipment numbers in mine plans, estimating and tendering.

  • Design and benchmark different road designs to reduce equipment hours over the life of mine.

  • Identify TKPH limited hauls for the planning of parkup bays.

  • Provide daily haul checks to reduce over-trucking.

  • Visually communicate mine progression between planning and operations teams.