UI. Data Panel

Data Panel

The Data panel is an area where data on the selected records are displayed and managed. It displays the reserves information available at the current step.

  • Reserves are shown for all checked records.

  • If no records are checked, then reserves are shown for the focused record.

Showing reserves for the focused record: Reserves/M1/P1/P102/810

You will find such a Data panel view in:

  • Production Scheduler: Setup tab > Initial Database step,

  • Production Scheduler: Setup tab > Refined Database step,

  • Production Scheduler: Setup tab > Prescheduled Database step,

  • Production Scheduler: Database tab,

  • Production Scheduler: Database tab > Animation tab,

  • Tactical Scheduler > Setup tab > Preschedule step,

  • Tactical Scheduler > Setup tab > Reserves step,

  • Tactical Scheduler > Reserves tab,

  • Tactical Scheduler > Schedule tab> Animation tab,

View Mode

In the top left corner of the Data panel is the Data View Mode button. It is used to change the current data view mode, which affects the way the data is presented in the table below.

Data View Mode button

If a record is focused, the View Mode switches columns to show siblings or parcels.

  • “View Siblings in Columns” option - view shows multiple records at once.

  • “View Parcels in Columns” option - view shows the activity breakdown within a record.


Switch between activities to see the quantities of work in each parcel. The database layout changes to show fields that relate to the selected activity.

Switch from drilling activity to mining

Activity types are configured in Setup > Production Mode Features (in Production Scheduler)

Parcel Subsets

In the Parcel Subset field dropdown choose which parcels are shown for the current activity.

Preconfigured parcels selection dropdown

Parcels are configured through the imported file in Rapid Reserver > Block Model and through Setup > Parcels (in Production Scheduler).


Optionally export the database to external archive files.

Export reserves data, solids, and silhouettes


For more information about database export options, see here.