TS. Quick Start Tutorial

Alastri's Tactical Scheduler is used for automated scheduling based on targets, constraints, and objectives. This application provides comprehensive optimization of drilling, mixed-fleet haulage and product handling, as well as communicates the schedule through a fully customizable real-time integrated reporting and 3D animations.

Tactical Scheduler Animation tab view

Tactical Scheduler Rapid Reserver is organized into three tabs:

  1. Setup tab - contains an ordered task list to prepare the project.

  2. Reserves tab - main tab to view and analyze reserves and dumps solids and their contents.

  3. Schedule tab - main scheduling page, allowing the user to work various reports in many different ways.

  4. Tactical Scheduler also includes the Haul Infinity application tab, which allows you to directly import haulage network data and updates into the scheduling.

    1. You can also embed Rapid Reserver tab, which makes it much easier to update reserves inventory data.

Brief description of these tabs see below and detailed information is available by clicking on the links provided.

The exercises in this chapter are for familiarization purposes and are deliberately light on detail. More in-depth discussion follows in the next sections.

Unless otherwise noted, each exercise follows from the preceding exercise.

Accessing Tactical Scheduler

Tactical Scheduler is launched from the Alastri Hub, which manages all Alastri licenses and applications on your computer.

  • To install the Hub, see Installation and Setup.

  • To run the Hub, double click the shortcut icon  on your desktop, or search for "Alastri Hub" via the Start menu.

Alastri Hub - license manager and app launcher

Once in the Hub:

  • Click the Tactical Scheduler option.

  • Select the latest version.

  • Click START to launch the software.

Once in Tactical Scheduler, click File > New to open a new project.

Setup tab

The main steps to set your model in Tactical Scheduler are listed below. Navigate through them in a specified order or go to TS. Setup tab section to get more details.

Note that Reserves and Schedule tabs become available only after completing and running all steps listed in the Setup tab.

For an example of filling out steps in the Setup tab, see here.

Reserves tab

Reserves tab is the primary 3D working environment for the project, where you can analyze the entire solids inventory based on various display parameters (custom shading, labels), view and compare solids properties by individual reserves and dumps levels, as well as configure the applicable subsets.

Description of the Reserves tab items and instructions for working with them in the TS. Reserves tab section.

Schedule tab

The Schedule tab is the main work area of Alastri Tactical Scheduler software, representing the unique functionality of scheduling and allowing the user to work with it in many different ways.

This tab consists of several important areas and auxiliary tabs, each of which has its own functionality.

In this tab you can:

  1. Populate data in the Calendar plan and create custom dashboards to facilitate working with data. More details see here.

  2. View graphical representation of the works performed by periods. More details see here.

  3. Present graphical plots of entire benches or lifts. More details see here.

  4. Review Trace Reports, that record decisions made when an Agent evaluates a source block. More detail see here.

  5. Generate reports of different types, summarizing various project outcomes. More details see here.

To get more familiar with Tactical Scheduler features, go through all the Setup steps and populate some sample data. It will help you to get a better understanding of how to deal with reserves database and proceed with a mining scheduling. Example of filling in all the Setup Tasks, required for creating a valid project, and allowing you to generate and export complete reports, see in the section TS. Valid Project Example.