TS. Reports

The Reporting tab is displayed within the context of a given project and enables you to generate any standard and custom reports currently available for the project. In this tab you can generate a single report or multiple different reports simultaneously for the project. Once the generation of a report has completed, you may export and download the report in all its available formats.

Glossary for Report fields and their description and values setup options see here.

There are five main types of reports you may create: pivot, stocks, steps, table and chrono. 

Choose from the report types to learn more:

Available reports types dropdown

Note, that in the list of created Reports on the left you'll also see Inventory Report field, which is automatically generated by ATS and not editable by user in this tab. This report type is showing Inventories grades by periods.

Inventory report

You may need to organize your reports by folders. To do this, press the Add Report button on the top right and drag and drop relevant report there, holding its header with left mouse button and dropping in the location shown by the blue arrow.

Drag and drop reports to the desired location or folder