UI. Tree Structure and Viewport

The Alastri software uses a tree-structured hierarchy of level records (on the left) to display an organized list of items. Interaction with records from this list is done in the 3D viewport area (the main area in the middle of the screen).

Tree structure and main viewport

Levels Tree Structure

A tree structure (or hierarchy) of levels/records is a list of all levels, arranged by parent and child records. In applications from Alastri, such a structure displays a hierarchy of mine parts, as following:

  • Reserves - Mine - Pit - Phase - Bench - Blast - Flitch - Solid, and

  • Dumps - Dump - Lift - Solid.

The levels/solids selected in the tree structure will be displayed in yellow in the viewport.


  • A “checked” record is ticked in the record tree, and glows yellow in the viewport.

  • A “focused” record is highlighted in the record tree, and displays normally in the viewport.

  • A “selected” record has been left-clicked with the mouse. Depending on context, this may refer to either checked or focused records.

P101 #0 is checked, P2 #1 is focused

Interacting with the tree structure

  1. Expand the hierarchy to the desired level by clicking on the arrows/triangles.

Expand the tree structure to the desired level and double-click it to center it in viewport

2. To select a record, tick its box by left-clicking on it. Similarly, to deselect it.

3. Double click a record to center it in the viewport.

4. You can select an entire level, such as a Pit or Stage, by clicking on it - all its items will be checked. Similarly, to uncheck.

5. You can select individual solids as well as multiple. To do that use the <CTRL> and <SHIFT> keys.


The levels/solids selected in the tree structure will be displayed in yellow in the viewport.

You can also select the solids manually in the viewport. For that left-click on the necessary block. Use <CTRL> to select multiple, or box select the group of solids or entire object.

Box select group of solids

You can interact with the objects displayed in the viewport using the tools on the top toolbar and change their angle view through the compass icon or the mouse control buttons. More information on navigating and control see here.

When you hover your mouse over any element in the viewport, the status bar in the bottom panel displays information about it, namely the coordinates of the mouse cursor and the full name of the entry (if applicable).