UI. Setup Tasks and Configuring Roles

Setup Tasks Panel

On the left side of all Alastri's applications is the Setup Task panel, which represents a list of all the project setup steps that need to be completed before switching to the scheduling, network and reserves calculation tabs.

Setup Task list for Production Scheduler project

When setting up a project for the first time, all setup tasks need to be performed in the specified sequence. You cannot proceed to the red marked step without confirming the previous one. During the subsequent work with the configured project, you can return to any of the steps, but after making changes you will need to rerun all the tasks below in the list. This is because changes you make in a single step can affect settings in related tasks and need to be reviewed or adjusted.

  • Completed and confirmed setup steps are marked with a green check mark. You can return to such steps at any time and in any sequence.

  • Steps in the course of which an error has been made are marked with a yellow triangle. Read its description at the bottom of the screen and solve it to proceed to the next steps.

  • Outstanding steps that need to be completed in order to continue with the project setup and enable the remaining steps and tabs are marked with a red circle.

  • Steps that are currently being worked on are marked with an empty gray circle.

You cannot change the order in which setup steps are listed in the Setup Task tab, but you can customize their visual presentation by changing the color and font of the text of the step name, or by disabling some (or all) steps from being changed. This feature is called "Configure Roles" and is described below.

Configure Roles button and its usage

Configure Roles function allows users to customize the Setup Task list. It is used to facilitate the view of the Setup sequence by highlighting priority steps in color and font, or disabling uneditable ones. This can be useful to help guide newer users to the important steps that need to be reviewed and updated each planning cycle.

Configure Roles button
  • To create a new Role click on the gear icon. Configure Roles dialog will open, where you can create new roles and view existing.

To create a new Role click on gear button
  • Use dropdown menu to swap between Roles.

Configure Roles selection dropdown

Configure New Role

To facilitate working with your project several options are available for configuring Role layouts.

Press the gear button to open Configure Roles dialog.

Configure Roles dialog

Configure Roles dialog items and their usage

Option Name


Option Name



Name of the step being edited


Locks step from being altered


Changes text color


Changes test to bold


Changes test to italics

Setup Tasks list after populating custom roles configuration

Steps can only be Locked for editing. They cannot be removed from the list.

Notes Panel

To the right of Roles selection and configuration buttons one more button, Show Notes Panel, provided.

Кнопка Show Notes Panel

When you click this button, the Notes panel appears on the right side of the screen, where you can write notes for each setup step, whether locked or available for editing.

Notes panel for custom remarks

You can also add pictures to your Notes.

To hide this panel, click the cross in the upper right corner. This will not delete the entered notes, but will close the panel and move it back to the left side of the screen as a folder sign.

Close the Notes panel - it will return to its original location near the role configuration buttons

A mini Note icon will be shown beside the setup task step if the setup task includes a note.

Mini Note icon appears if setup task has a note